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Always trust your instincts, it is your Soul doing its best work.....

The Soul Trust is passionate about helping to bring a spiritual awareness. To give us all the knowledge we are eternal and change how we understand our souls purpose. 

By focussing on helping people to understand the reality we do not cease to exist once we pass from this reality.

By learning to trust our soul & developing who we are, we can all bring forward the true potential of our soul.

This is achieved by challenging & testing what we think is right. 

Through the understanding of how to communicate with your soul & using mediumship we cannot only bring our true self to the fore, but develop our ability to communicate on many levels.

Your Potential is Important

Both Kathryn and Mitch understand and accept that once you begin to develop and unfold your gifts within, you will undoubtedly begin to awaken memories and life's experiences. 


"Our aim is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all in order that you may thrive and become the person you are meant to be" 

Kathryn 07446900637 / Mitch 07860670407


A note from a lady who had a telephone reading today... 
"Thanks for the wonderful reading today. You brought my dad to life all over again. 💕x"
By kind permission of Andie Gauslin. 

Please please please get in touch with this lady if u are thinking of this at all... 
Kath has a beautiful soul and is perfect inside and out... 
I have had a reading and she was absolutely amazing... jaw-dropping... best money I have ever spent ...Georgina

When u mentioned Glenn Miller and mum and dad dancing it blew me away and we had Glenn Miller playing at mum’s funeral, Elaine x

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