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Private Sittings

Private sittings usually are for 30 minutes. And take place on a 1:1 basis either through face to face meeting, Skype, Zoom or telephone. 


Sittings are available for:


Spiritual mediumship where communication from loved ones takes place, the medium will endeavour to provide evidence of the communicator.


Psychic readings are where the medium will use their ability to blend with your own soul. And inform you of the potential within yourself.  


Spiritual assessments give you an independent expression of what gifts are within you and how you may bring them to the fore. This will involve a mixture of Spiritual & Psychic to give as full an assessment as possible.


Private Sittings are for a single sitting by Skype/Zoom or by Telephone. Group or evenings are available also. 


We follow the mediumship code of conduct and also our own personal ethics when conducting private sittings, our intention is always to provide a sitting that is both uplifting and evidential for you. 


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