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Spiritual Mediumship & Soul Expansion 


"By turning our light towards the universal power of God we begin to search for our inner purpose" © The Soul Trust

Learning to use our psychic faculty as a tool not only to communicate with those who have passed from this world.


We must also use it to understand our soul & the instincts that we often dismiss.


When we learn how to turn our mediumship on to illumine & lift our soul's vibration to meet the vibration of the communicating spirit.


We can truly start to blend with the communicator & start the drawing closer of the souls to deliver their essence & personality - "To bring them alive!" to give the evidence and to provide comfort to the bereaved.


Spiritual mediumship does not happen by chance it is because the medium has the understanding of how to allow the connection between the two worlds to unfold. 


We must, however, we perceive God (Divine Power) to be, allow the spirit to manifest through our soul. 


Through testing through the teaching methods delivered by Kathryn & Mitch in workshops and tutorials, you will gain a broad awareness of who you are as well as how to express the communication you receive.





We Provide a wide variety of workshops, which we tailor to suit the ability of the individual as well as groups. 

Spiritual Mediumship Training

Beginners Awareness

Soul Expansion



Psychic development

One:One Development

We offer personal development sessions these include: 


  • Sitting in the Power

  • The mechanics of mediumship

  • Platform Presentation

  • Exercises to challenge and improve

  • Ongoing Support

  • Awareness of the soul's manifestation through your  continual personal progression

  • Blending and expressing the soul of the communicator 


By taking this journey, you will begin to see not just an improvement in your mediumship, but also a better understanding of who you are. 


Please contact us with your individual needs & to discuss how we can help you reach your potential.

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