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Grief & Loss

Grief is the natural response to loss of any kind. We will all suffer losses throughout our lives. Most will be given a set of tools to deal with our grief that simply don't work. We have had historic ways of dealing with our grief passed down from generations before. There often is no malice attached, mainly we just pass on what we have been told. 

Whether we are mediums or not we are all affected by unresolved grief & loss. This accumulation of unresolved losses leads to the restricted capacity to be resilient in our lives. Help is something that we all need to enable us to move forward and start to resolve these emotions & feelings we have around grief.

Kath & Mitch are both Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and deliver the Grief Recovery Method which is scientifically proven education, which helps you to lessen & ease the pain and weight of grief & loss. 

By using this education we begin to change our lives & personal philosophy. We become able to express our emotions & feelings without being overwhelmed regarding the losses we have experienced in our lives.

This why Kath & Mitch qualified to help others with the losses and the effects they have in all aspects of who we are. 

Please contact us should you wish to find out more of how we can help you.

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