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Kathryn Shirley
Kathryn was introduced to Spiritualism and mediumship from a child, her maternal Grandfather was a medium who had the great fortune of being trained by Mrs Fanny Higginson. During her formative years, Kathryn experienced the awareness of the Spirit world, having conversations with a world that is unseen to many, and being so privileged to have the support of a family who knew and had experience of the Spirit World. 
At the funeral of her Grandfather, Kathryn, then aged seven, first met Gordon Higginson, and it was after this that Kathryn began to attend Longton Spiritualist Church on Sunday afternoons. Even at this young age, Kathryn was eager to listen to the various speakers and demonstration not only to understand the philosophy but also her thirst to absorb and acquire the teachings which Spiritualism has its roots in. 
Kathryn's development and journey into her unfoldment of spiritual gifts began in her twenties, with the help and support of Paul Jacobs who was the President of Longton Spiritualist Church at that time.  Indeed it was the care, encouragement and backing from Paul, a man of great compassion and passion for the work he does, that shaped the way in which Kathryn works as a medium. By striving for the best, always searching for that golden piece of evidence and being mindful of the needs of not just the sitter or recipient, but also the needs of our loved ones, Kathryn's passion and drive is as profound as ever.
"It is important for the medium to unfold their soul's journey, and it is equally important for individuals to develop and understand themselves, for the voyage of discovery has to have God within it.
We cannot communicate fully and wholly without accepting God into our very being, for it is within that great spark of the divine that God resides". © Kathryn Shirley 2019
In addition to Kathryn's mediumistic development, she has also 10 years of professional development in the fields of social care advocacy, all age disability practices, adult and child protection, special educational needs law, child and grief counselling, Motivational and behaviour counselling and also is Mental Health First Aid trained.
Added to all of these skills Kathryn is also a certified Advanced Grief Recovery specialist for Grief Recovery Method Institute. Helping those who have experienced any loss in their lives, to recovery from those losses through the Grief Recovery method.
Together with Mitch, Kathryn serves Spiritualist Churches, centres and public venues throughout the UK, and Europe delivering a unique and different event, as well as Spiritual services, private readings and demonstrations of mediumship, they also teach, mentor and provide 1:1 support, in person, via telephone or zoom/Skype.


Mitch Shirley


Mitch's early experiences of the presence of spirit came as a child. Often being scared by the presence of a large energy behind him ( not realising that he was feeling & sensing for something), not understanding what was happening to him.

On many occasions watching things happen even though he knew they would unfold as he had seen previously.


It was when Kathryn's development was taking place, that Mitch's own journey began- she asked him to sit and come with her to Longton Spiritualist Church. Eventually, he did and so a very quick development took place, 18 months after walking into the new church, through the tutoring & guidance of Paul Jacobs (Then President of Longton Church)., Mitch began taking services and providing private sittings in his own right.

This help will always be acknowledged & appreciated by Mitch, who also began his service to the spirit by taking church services & working with Paul in Switzerland as well as teaching at Longton church. To receive the help & support from Paul Jacobs was not by chance and gave Mitch the foundation he needed to work on the evidence that both he & Paul strive to give to those who are searching for answers. This started in 1995 and since that time many hours of linking with the power of God & loved ones returning to establish they have survived physical death has followed.


Mitch has continued to demonstrate his ability to be the communicator for loved ones as well as teaching others the reality of the spirit and helping people develop themselves and their awareness of infinite life with purpose. Delivering emotional evidential communication will always drive Mitch's mediumship & guide his personal development through the years to come. His personal love and interest in teaching from spirit communication have developed his philosophy & understanding. 

Mitch is a certified Advanced Grief Recovery specialist for Grief Recovery Method Institute. This work helps everyone with any loss in their lives & gives them the tools & help to recovery from those losses.


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