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Being me

How can I be more like them is something we will all of felt at least once in our lives if not more. We can't be someone we are not, we can try to change our behaviour or work on something we don't like about ourselves. Whether it is physical or personality we can adjust it, but to change it needs us to concentrate & work towards the change we wish to undertake.

The one thing which is the most simple & also the most difficult is to be who we are. The full reality of our soul expressing through our actions, words & thoughts. We are responsible for sharing the true person we are with the world. We can be delayed in bringing our true self by life, especially by people who try to diminish who we are from shining through the darkness. We do feel frustrated when we are not being who we really are, we know we can be more than we can express at the very moment we are in.

The battle to allow our soul to truly be is an ongoing process. tempering our thoughts & words is not suppressing the soul if they would hurt or dim someone else's. Our light will show naturally & it will cause others who do not want this to happen an issue. In reality it is their problem not ours, if we shine let this lift others & let them aspire to do the same for themselves. If they are intimidated or feel restricted again it is not something we are responsible for.

Work on you to be the truest version of you as often as you can. Know that the work will never cease unless you stop or pause, it is always your choice how you express you. Please remember the positive, uplifting, kind & loving you is the true reality of your soul, accept that this will not be every moment of your life & you will need to recharge your batteries & have bad days or moments. Move your thoughts to love & feel your purpose to change those bad moments to teaching & learning for the growing of your soul.

Remember if you are doing the best you can at that moment, then it is enough. You don't have to compete with anyone but you, the race is always with your perception & your reality. Two very different aspects of your personal development. Give and receive with equal grace, we need to do both to achieve more as soul's working our way through this world & life.

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