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Opening thoughts

Deciding to share different thoughts with whoever chooses to read this, is a privilege as I work through what I understand & feel needs to be expressed on this site. However often I post, I will only be expressing my own thoughts & asking you questions to help you search out the truth & reality for yourself. I only have a desire to ignite a soul, your soul or mine to dig deeper within. To come to an understanding that we can as an individual express with our own knowledge which we have attained, not ideas or beliefs forced upon us (however well intentioned) which we can offer as a possible light in others lives.

We all can benefit each other in one or in many ways. No matter how the experience occurs there will always be something to be learned, despite how negative it will of been to us as an individual. So often we deal with what is present in front of our eyes but IF we can in that very moment try to use our soul to feel WHY, we may be able to have a positive outcome or at least a better outcome than if we just react to how a situation or person is behaving.

Currently we are in a pandemic which has taken away from so many of us in different ways. But it has also give an opportunity for so much more to come to the surface. There has been so much pain, suffering, loss experienced through this time. We have also seen the light of so many shine brightly to offer hope & help to those they have never met, by way of kindness freely given with out the thought of benefit to themselves. But they will receive so much as they give freely to release their soul to express the love it has inside to all.

We have a need to serve each other & the natural world we inhabit, by realising how we are integral to each other to truly bring harmony & peace to each & every part of this world. We all have so much to offer throughout our lives, not just in what we do or do not do. We have to be aware of what our intent is, for this will form so much of what is to come in the coming changes we all will & must make to find the inner peace & happiness in our journey through this world & our lives.

Please keep safe & be kind where possible, have strength when needed & love as much as you can.


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