Is it me or?

How often do we think differently from those around us?

We are all a part of a greater whole, but that does not mean we cannot think differently from each other. We often as children feel, we cannot change what is happening to us, but how many of us keep this enforced restriction into our adult life.

Freedom to think is a gift it has created so many of the changes that have helped humanity to flourish & grow. We do not need everyone to agree with us, we certainly don't need to force others to agree. some need to physically see to understand, others can imagine with the faculty of their imagination.

Just because we think differently doesn't mean we are right or wrong, all things need to be tested & proven. But if we do not try to improve or challenge any idea we do not stretch the potential of it.

I ask of you to not just follow the norm or crowd, just because. But to think & reason for your self, especially when you gut or instincts push you to do it different than the rest.

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