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Chasing our dream or running away

In this life we are often experiencing at this very moment a fullness or emptiness. we often don't seem to have the time to talk to others or listen to our own soul. We are a product of the world we inhabit and not as we should be the architects of its design. We are & always will be capable of altering & enhancing the experience we have during our time in this reality. Too often we allow others to dictate to us and do not work towards changing & building a new better world for all to inhabit. Whether it is the animal kingdom , the earth its self or the human race all have a equal right to be here. We must find the time to stop if only for a moment and look, feel & hear with our soul what is needed to bring happiness & kindness to those we share this time on earth with.

We are entering a time of reflexion & appraisal of who & what we are, naturally as one year end and winter takes hold we begin the process of hope and take a little time to find what would make ours & others lives better. Hope of better times to come, hope we will share our lives again with those who are no longing present in our lives in the physical sense.

The losses we experience do have a special gift it the pain we experience, they can bring a overwhelming sense of love. Love for them & love from them towards us, this unconditional love is truly the beauty of the spirit & soul working together to give us a wonderful opportunity to give gratitude for the love we have & have received.

The rawness of grief is a huge weight we all must go through to grow from, and have an understanding of how it affected us & could affect others who are going through a grief or loss of their own at this time. Understanding is totally different from knowing, we cannot know what someone else if experiencing for we are not them. We can however understanding and offer our assistance and then wait for the person affected to accept our offer. We must never force anyone to shake it off or bury their grief and never set a time limit on how long it should last.

Keeping busy to stop us feeling does not help us to begin the process of healing from the losses we experience. Sitting within the quiet and finding God or Divine power however your belief helps you express the love. This helps us to feel the presence of a something greater than us & personalise the relationship we build through our lives with our God.

The healing we need begins with us opening ourselves to & working through the pain that naturally comes with the loss. If we do not begin the process of reconnecting with life & those who share our lives with us, we are guilty of stopping others sharing our love with them. This may seem harsh but we are integral to everyone we share our lives with & they are to us. Accept the help when offered and breath through the pain & slowly we will see the sun rise again on a new dawn in our lives. One where we have experience we can use to help ourselves & others to be a light in their darkness, because we have found a way back to living & loving as intensely as before we experienced the loss.

Remember each is a part of the whole & the greater each part is, the greater the whole.

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